Additional Checks

Here you can create your own Additional Checks under any Section that is available to your organisation or your Trust (if applicable).

To create your own Additional Check simply go to Settings > School > Additional Checks

Note if you do not have permission, this will be identified by a padlock. Please contact your system administrator for the required access.

In here, you will be able to see a list of your existing Additional Checks. To Edit one, simply double click and press save when done.

To create a new one, use the Create New button at the top of the grid, you will see a panel like the following.

Label is what will appear next to the Input on the Profile as well as any grids or reports

Section Type is the particular Section that this Input will appear in. You can choose from the Built-in sections or your own Custom sections. If the Section isn't visible, then nor will the input be.

Input Type

This will determine what type of data is expected as well as what type of control is presented to a user that is editing a Profile.

Text Input

Default. A simple box where you can enter a line of text, such as name or job title.


Multi-line Text

A box that will allow multiple lines of text and will show a larger control with 3 rows that can be expanded. Ideal for notes fields or maybe an address.


Date Input

This will show a date control to the user with a drop-down calendar view



Toggle Input

This shows a toggle control that stores data as a True/False that can be used to ask a simple Yes/No question.


Single select

This presents a dropdown list of fixed options to the user. To add items to the list, simply put each selectable item on a separate line.


Default Value

Enter the value that all new profiles will create. This will not apply to existing profiles

Rating Systems

If you would like the options to count towards the scoring, simply turn on one of both of these options.

Order is a number that allows you to change the order in which the Input appears in the Section* (This functionality will be improved soon)

Hide on Excel will exclude the Input from the excel reports.

Prevent Disable will stop users from being able to turn the check off using Hide Checks


You can now build your condition depending on your requirements. For example, if you only wanted to show the Input when the Profile it's being displayed on is a Teacher, then do this following


You can add multiple conditions and they must all be satisfied otherwise the Input will not show.

Note: If an Input fails these conditions, not only will it not show but it means it will not be counted towards scoring.

When you have finished, just press Create and you should see the new Additional Check in your list. You will need to refresh the page to get the new Input to appear across the app.

To edit or delete, simply double click the Input.

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