Inspector Reports and Exporting Data

Should you need to Export data, or when the time for an Inspection comes, your inspector may simply want to see an Excel sheet that contains only the required fields.

To produce this Excel sheet, head to the Insights > Reports page.


When there, you will see the following list with a few defaults selected.


There are 3 reports, the Single Central Record is the one you'll typically want, just press the Export to Excel button and wait a few seconds while we build it.

There are some additional options which will be reset each time you visit this page.

Include Leavers

These are staff that have a leave date of today or later

Include New Starters

These are staff that have a start date of tomorrow or later

Include Central Team

If you are part of a group, when applicable, this will include all staff from the central team

Hide Unrated Checks

By default to avoid clutter, we don't show any checks that are not Inspector Ready or School Ready. Untick this box to include all fields.


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