Advanced Editor

u can access the Advanced Editor from the Profiles page by clicking the Advanced Editor button.


This editor is designed to give you an Excel-like experience to those of you who are familiar.


To edit a cell, simply left-click on what you want to edit, and start typing. When done, either press the enter key or tab to go to the next cell.

The data will  automatically be saved and the score will be then be recalculated

Show or Hide Columns

On the right of the grid is the columns selector. If its hidden, press the Columns button to reveal the list. You can then select or deselect which columns you want to see.

Deleting a Profile

To delete a single profile, just right click on one of the cells for that person, then select the Delete option. You will be prompted to confirm this action, make sure the persons name is correct first! This action cannot be undone.

Deleting Multiple Profiles

To delete multiple profiles, start by left-clicking on the first Profile you would like to delete. Then while holding your  shift key, select the second profile. All the rows should be highlighted. You can then right-click and choose the Delete option. This action cannot be undone.

Freezing Columns

To stop the column from scrolling horizontally with the rest of the fields, you can drag columns from the unfrozen pile on the right, to the left. Just click and hold on the header, and drag it across.

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