Merging Profiles

Sometimes duplicate profiles end up being created by mistake, the good news is we have a function you can use to merge these profiles together, retaining the information from both.

To do this you need to go to the Advanced Editor and select exactly two rows.

  1. Start by left-clicking on the first duplicate profile to select it.
  2. While holding the ALT key (or CMD on macOS) select the other profile with another left-click. 
  3. Right-click and if you have two profiles selected, you'll see the Merge 2 profiles option.

When you do this correctly, you'll get presented with a dialog, confirming the details of the two profiles that will be merged.

By default, the left person will be preserved. This means if there is a value in each field, it will choose the one from this person. The version history will also only be preserved from this person and the other profile will be deleted.

Note this operation currently cannot be undone.


We also merge all the attributes associated with a profile. So if one of the profiles has been created from an integration such as Groupcall, then this link will be maintained or established in the merged profile.

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