Document and File Managment

Our system allows you to attach documents or images straight to an individual profile.

To add a document or image, first, go to the profile that you want to upload the file to. Then scroll to the bottom of the profile page to see the document panel.


Press the Add File button and you will be presented with our uploader.

Note: If you do not see this panel, please talk to your IT Manager to unblock the Firewall - See Firewall and Network Settings


Here you can choose which file from either your local device or one of the other sources indicated by the icon on the left. If you have an iPad or Tablet, you will be able to take a photo directly from your device.

Once you have selected your file, there will be an Upload button. Press this and the document will be sent to our servers and appear in the documents list.


You have the option here to open the image/document in a separate tab. Or press delete to remove it from the profile permanently.

Repeat the process to add more files.

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