Hiding Profile Checks in Bulk

If you want to disable some checks for Profiles in bulk then you will need to go to the Advanced Editor

To do this, you need to select one or more profiles, by selecting the first row, holding the Shift key and clicking on a second row.

You can also select multiple individual rows by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the rows individually. 

Selecting multiple rows using 'Shift' and single click

Selecting multiple rows using 'Ctrl' and multiple clicks

When you have selected the relevant profiles you then need to right-click on one of the selected rows and choose  Hide Checks


You will be presented with the following dialog containing a combined list of available checks.


Meaning of the checkboxes

mceclip7.png The check will be visible when available for all selected profiles
mceclip6.png The check will be hidden for all selected profiles.
mceclip5.png The check is currently hidden for some selected profiles and visible for others. If you leave it like this, no changes will be made.

Just make the changes that you require, then press the  Save button.

Note that no underlying data is deleted, so if you make a mistake, you can simply unhide the checks again.

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