The Dashboard

This is your dashboard and its the first thing you will see after logging in.


Profile Types

On the left, it shows the number of Profiles you have of each type.


Active are profiles that have a start date today or earlier, and have a leave date tomorrow or later.


Onboarding or Onboarders are profiles that have a start date in the future. These are included in the dashboard chart, so you get them ready and compliant for their first day.


On the right, it shows a chart that indicates which profiles are Inspector Ready and School Ready.

If you click on any of the faces for the Profile Types such as Teaching Staff shown in the image, it will take you to the Profiles page with a filter for that particular profile.

You can also click on the chart on any of the 4 available series on the chart, this will also take you to the Profiles page, showing you only those particular profiles. For example, using the image above, if you clicked the green bar on the left where it says Teaching Staff, this will take you to the Profiles page with only Teaching Staff who are "Inspector Ready"

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