Contacting Support

Help guides

Our help guides are available at

In-app Answer Bot

At the top right of the application, there is a help button, if you press this you can select Ask a Question and this will open the chat window. Our automated Answer Bot will search our help articles based on what you ask.

Email support

If the help guides and answer bot do answer your question, please just send your question or problem to

This will create a ticket on our system and you will get an instant receipt with tracking information. We will then reply as soon as we can.

Tickets will be automatically closed within a few days if we do not hear back from you.


We typically offer a single training session for you and your team to get set up and onboard. If you haven't yet booked this, please contact your sales representative or send an email to our support team.

Phone Support

Sorry! Calling our team is not offered in the standard subscriptions. Please contact us via email in the first instance, and we may offer to arrange to call you or set up a remote session.


Our hours are from 08:30 to 16:30 Monday to Friday.

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