Template Editing Overview

For those of you who started using this application before April 2021, this functionality replaces and enhances all of the Additional Section Types, Section Inputs and Manage Checks functionality

Your Template is where you define all the different Sections, Profile Types, Rating Systems and Fields / Checks that are available. You can show/hide Sections and Fields for different Profile Types, or have a more advanced setup using the logic builder. It also allows you to select which Rating System fields count towards.

Templates are hierarchical. We have our Application Template that contains items such as Profile Details, with names and start/end date. Then from this, for example, we have a Template for the current KCSiE guidance, after which might come your Trust and then your School or Organisation Template.

It's important to remember, that we keep the Application Template, any Guidance Templates up to date and this will flow down to you.

The Trust and Organisation Templates are what you modify, they are available under Settings > Trust/Organisation > Templates

To edit a Template, just press the Edit button to the right of the template to be taken to the editor.

Here you will be able to see all the Sections and Fields, including any that come from the parent Templates such as our Application Template or the KCSiE guidance (depending on your required setup).

Each Profile Type can also be tailored. Simple examples are to only have Sections / Fields appearing for selected profile types, but you can also adjust the ratings and Labels of the fields as well.

Note, to remove complexity, we decided to make it so that the ordering is per a Template, not per the individual Profile Type.

You can add Sections, Fields and rearrange them to suit your particular configuration.

All Template editing is done in draft mode. So any changes you make are saved as you go. When you are happy with the changes you've made, press Publish. All changes are also versioned so we have a complete history of changes during a 

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