Opening a Report

To access and edit a Default Report click "Open"

In this example we have opened the Single Central Record Report:

A spreadsheet will then open which looks and functions similarly to our Advanced Editor.

You will notice that by default the system will order the Profiles by least "Inspector Ready" to most in order to draw your attention to any Profiles that need to be completed first (where applicable).

Filter Bar

The filter bar on the right hand side includes all of your Sections and Fields (columns) including custom Sections and Fields.

Please Note:

By default, on the Single Central Record Report, only Statutory "Inspector Ready" Fields are selected as it is mainly designed to be used during an Inspection.

You will notice that these Fields show as greyed out meaning that they cannot be de -selected.

Should you wish to remove these from a Report you will need to create a Custom Report.

Please Note:

Any edits made to this view will not be Auto Saving, meaning that should you close this Report and re open it, the Report will have reverted back to its default view. However this view will Export out to Excel including any edits made.

Should you wish to save a certain view/layout you will need to do so by making a Copy of this Report or by creating a Custom Report.

Adding Sections and Fields

Should you wish to add whole Sections or specific Fields (columns) to this report simply select them from the Filter Bar:

Reordering Columns

You can reorder the columns by dragging and dropping the fields from within the Filter Bar:

Reordering Sections

To reorder whole Sections, click on the Section Header on the Report Spreadsheet and drag/drop it to its new location:

Editing Column Widths

You can edit any columns widths by hovering over the column border and dragging it out:

Any changes made to column widths will also be applied to the Exported Excel spreadsheet.

Pinning Columns

You can Pin columns by clicking on the icon at the right of the Column header and clicking "Pin Column". Then select which direction you'd like to pin it.

In the example below you can see that First Name and Last Name have been pinned to the left so that they remain visible while scrolling through the rest of the Report:

Please Note:

Any columns pinned will not remain pinned once the Report has been Exported to Excel.

Exporting the Report

Once you are happy with your Report click "Export" and once the system has finished building your Report you will be able to click "Download" to view it in Excel.

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