As well as selecting which Sections and Fields you would like to show on your Report, you can also set specific Conditions in order to further customise your view.

To do so, select Conditions from the Filter bar on the right hand side of your Report:

You can then select your Conditions and they will be applied to your Report.

Example - Staff Birthday List:

As an example, if you wanted to create a list of staff birthdays that were upcoming in the next month, the Conditions would need to be as below:

Your Report will now show a live and always up to date list of Staff who fall under this Condition:

Example: Upcoming Training Renewal Dates:

If you have customised SCR Tracker to be able to keep track of Staff Training, this feature is also useful to create a live, up to date list of upcoming Training Renewal Dates. An example of the Conditions needed to do so is shown below:

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