Mapping fields

When you are using Groupcall or Wonde, we receive a variety of information from them which varies depending on the MIS system you have, and maybe even have user-defined fields.

To handle this, we only map a few fields by default that we know should exist, then allow you to map the remaining ones yourself.

To do this, go to Settings > Organisation > MIS Import and assuming you are connected and have done an initial pull, you can press the Edit Fields button to customise your setup.

When you do this, you'll be presented with our Field Map Editor, which will allow you to choose the MIS field on the Left Column and the SCR Tracker field on the Right Column

If you are not comfortable editing this, please speak to your IT Administrator or reach out to us.

Pressing the Add New Mapping button will give you a new row item.

Choose the MIS field and the SCR field from the dropdown lists.

Once completed, press the Save Changes button.

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