The Bulk Importer

We've tried to make it as easy as we can to load your existing data into our system. To do this, we provide our Bulk Importer tool.

This is a grid that provides a staging environment so you can prepare your data before loading it into the system for real.

Profile Types

At the very top of the Bulk Importer is a selector for the Profile Types.

Each tab will give you access to a separate sheet for each type.

If you import and discover later on that you need to change the Profile Type, you can Change the Profile Type.

Get Started

To get started, you can find the bulk importer under Settings >Organisation> Bulk Importer.


The importer provides an Excel-like grid, that allows you to directly copy and paste from your existing Excel (or similar).

We highly recommend copying one column at a time.

To do this, while in your Excel document, simply left-click on the first cell, while holding the button down, drag to the last cell.

You can then Right click > Copy, press Ctrl + C or select the copy button from the menu.

If you then go to the bulk importer and select the first cell in the relevant column, you can then paste by pressing Ctrl + V. Note that right-click and paste will not work in most browsers due to security settings.

Once you have loaded all your columns, simply click the Import button to create the profiles. If all your data is valid, you will be presented with the following dialog.

Confirm the numbers are ok, then press Import to create your profiles.

Once your profiles have been created, it may take a minute for the system to finish calculating the scores.

Press refresh on your browser if you don't see any profiles.

Update Profiles after Import

Once you have imported, the bulk importer maintains a link to the newly created profiles.

This means as long as you don't clear the importer, then any changes to the bulk importer data followed by subsequent imports, will simply update the existing profiles and not create duplicates.

This also means that if you have edited or updated any data on Profile Pages, it will be overwritten with the data that is still in the Bulk Importer unless you click Clear All first.

We would suggest only using the Bulk Importer for your initial Import.

To edit or update any data following this you can use the Advanced Editor.

Importing more Profiles

If you've already done an import and decide you need to load more in, this is fine. You must first press the Clear All button in the Bulk Importer before you start, then you can repeat the above process.

Undo or Deleting Profiles

We don't yet have an undo facility, but you can delete the profiles that you created. To do this follow the instructions on Deleting Multiple Profiles.

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