It is your statutory duty to include on the SCR whether you have received written confirmation from the employment business that the necessary and relevant checks have been carried out.

This confirmation should include whether the appropriate certificates have been obtained.

It is your statutory duty to record what date you received this written confirmation.

It is your statutory duty to record whether any enhanced DBS certificate check has been provided.

It is your statutory duty to check identity by verifying that the person presenting themselves for work is the same person on whom the checks have been made.

Where the position requires a barred list check, this must be obtained by the agency or third party prior to appointing the individual.

Your checklist:

  1. Written confirmation received?

  2. Does confirmation include whether certificates obtained?

  3. If barred list required, third party must obtain prior to appointment

  4. What date written confirmation received

  5. Whether enhanced DBS certificate check provided

  6. Identity check upon arrival

You can upload a copy of the written confirmation to the bottom of each staff profile on SCR Tracker.

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