It is not your statutory duty to keep copies of DBS certificates. In fact, you must not keep copies for longer than six months (to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018).

It is not your statutory duty to record details of any other checks, however you may include these if you believe it to be best practice at your institution:

  • Childcare disqualification checks

  • Safeguarding and safer recruitment training dates

  • Who carried out each check

  • Whilst it is not your statutory duty to record volunteers on your SCR, it is advised that it is best practice to do so

Please Note:

We must stress that this does not mean it is not statutory to record these elsewhere.

An example of this is recording medical checks: whilst it is not statutory to record it on the SCR, it is your statutory duty to record this elsewhere.

Similarly, designated safeguarding leads must record training dates, but it is not required to be recorded on your SCR.

SCR Tracker has the functionality to record the above information if you would like to keep all of your checks in one place.

See more here - Add a Section

It is not statutory to include visitors on your single central record.

Furthermore, you do not have the power to request DBS checks (and barred list checks), or ask to see DBS certificates for visitors.

You must use your professional judgment to decide what level of supervision each visitor should have.

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