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Accessing Checking Services

How to get setup and start purchasing Enhanced DBS and other checks

If you would like to start ordering Enhanced DBS and other background checks through the application, you will first need to apply to open an account.

Please do this from within the application, under Settings > Add-ons > Verifile

If you do not have access, please speak to an Administrator of your School / Trust

We have partnered with Verifile, but all the checks are done through us via our portal. You do not need a separate account with them.

When we add your account, you will be assigned a credit limit.

All purchases are billed via invoice at the end of each month and must be paid by BACS or Direct Debit using our provider GoCardless

The invoice must be cleared within 30 days or the account will be automatically frozen.

You will be able to access your billing information on the Settings > Billing page which will show your credit limit and current spend.

All purchases are subject to our current Terms and Conditions as well as Verifiles Terms and Conditions which must be agreed upon for each purchase.