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Add a Field (Check)

How to add a custom field/check to your Template

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Add a Field


You can add Fields (Checks) to any of the existing default Sections as well as ones you have created yourself.


From the Template Editor - found under Settings>School/Trust>Templates


Single click the Section that you want to add the Field to - you will see the Fields that already exist in that Section in the Section Fields area to the right.


Next drag the type of input you would like from the Field Library and place it where you would like it.


You can always move it afterwards, and everything you do is in Draft mode until you publish.



Types of Fields


There are 9 types of fields you can add, some are for entry and will store a value against a profile, and some decorative.


Entry Fields


  • Text Input

The most common, a single line of text entry, such as a name or phone number.

  • Text Area

This is a multi-line text entry, allowing for extra information. Useful for notes or extra details.

  • Number

This will only allow numbers.

  • Single Select

Use this when you want to provide a list of items to select from. If you remove items, don't worry, the values won't be deleted.

  • Date Picker

Allows you to pick a date, such as the date of birth or when something is due like a training date or DBS check.

  • Toggle

This is simply a switch to signify a Yes/No or True/False. An example would be if a check is complete, or if a Section is required.


Decorative Fields


  • Label

This is just a piece of text, that you can use to provide some additional information to the user.

  • Title

This is the same as a label but in Bold Font

  • Separator

This will show a horizontal line which can be useful to help break up fields into groups.



Once you have added your Field, then the Field Editor will appear. Please see our guide on Editing Fields