Change a Profile Type

How to change a staff member's Profile Type - Individually and In Bulk

Changing the Profile Type for an Individual


If you need to change an individual Profile Type you can do so directly from the Profile Page.


At the top of the Profile Page, you can see the current Profile Type for the individual.



Click on the Profile Type and, if you have permission to edit, the following dropdown list will appear.



Select the desired Profile Type and it will be instantly changed.


Sections and Fields will be updated and the Rating for the Organisation will get recalculated.


This action will be recorded in the History and Audit trail.



Changing Profile Types in Bulk


Changing the Profile Type can be done from the Advanced Editor. To get to the Advanced Editor, click Profiles and then Advanced Editor.


Locate the staff member that you wish to change the profile type for.


Double click on the staff member's current Profile Type field to reveal a dropdown menu, and select the new Profile Type you wish to change the staff member to. It will then update automatically.



Once done, the system will recalculate the ratings for that individual. The action gets recorded in the Audit trail and Profile history.


If you are updating multiple Profile Types to the same new Profile Type, you can copy and paste the 'Profile Type' field using your keyboard controls as below: