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Customise the Rating System

How to customise the Inspector/School Ready Ratings

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If you are part of a Trust or Group, we highly recommend that Rating Systems are modified in the Trust Template and not in the individual schools.



Customise the Rating System


In the Template Editor, select the Rating Systems Tab.


You will see all the available types including any from your parent Templates (this includes your Trust/Group, Guidance and Application).


If you select a Rating System, it will show you the available options to Edit.



Here you change the following properties:


  • Name. This is what is shown on the app including reports.

  • Ready Colour. When a Profile passes all the checks for this system, it will turn this colour.

  • Not Ready Colour. If a Profile is failing a check in this system, it will show this colour.

  • Enabled. Turn this off if you do not want to include this Rating System for your Template.

  • Mandatory. Any Fields that are part of this Rating System, will be highlighted as an important field.


Once you have made the changes, press Publish Changes for them to take effect.