Customising the Template

How to match your current spreadsheet to our Template before Importing your data.

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Matching our Template to your Spreadsheet


To start with, you're going to want to make sure that everything that is on your Spreadsheet is on our Template and visa versa.


To begin go to the Settings Tab. Then under the the Organisation menu, select Templates and click "Edit" to open the Template Editor.


(Please Note: If you are a Trust Administrator and wish to edit the Template across all Organisations within the Trust, you will need to access the Trust Template Editor via:Settings>Federations>Templates)


Here you will see all of the Sections and Fields available on the system by Default:



Hiding Sections that you don't want to record on your SCR


We have included some Sections that are not Statutory to record on your SCR and as such you are able to switch them off if you don't want to use SCR Tracker to record the information.


For example, some schools don't record Emergency Contact details.


If you wanted to switch off this Section, simply double click on it to access the Section Editor.


Next click on the eye icon next to any Profile Type that you want to switch the Section off for. The icon will then appear as being crossed out indicating that it is switched off:



Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the Section Editor when you are finished.


You will then notice that the hidden Section shows as "greyed out" on the Template Editor:






Any hidden Sections will still also appear in the Bulk Importer but again will show as "greyed out". You can hide them from view by using the Filter Bar.



Hiding Fields


There may be some Non Statutory fields on our Template that you don't record.


A common example is "Middle Name".


You can hide this Field by single clicking on the Section is it within (in this example: Profile Details) and then double clicking on the Middle Name Field to bring up its editing drawer:





As above you will need to click on the eye icon for each Profile Type that you want to hide this Field for, then click "Save Changes".





Any hidden Fields will show as "greyed out" on the Template Editor and still appear in the Bulk Importer but again will show as "greyed out". You can hide them from view by using the Filter Bar.



Customising Fields


You can customise any Non Statutory Fields to match how you record them currently.


For example, a common difference that we see is how addresses are recorded.


On SCR Tracker we split the address out as below:



If you record your addresses in one cell on your Spreadsheet you can amend our Template to match.


To do so double click into Street, Town and Postcode and then hide those Fields as shown in the example above.


Next double click into House/Flat Number and change the Label to "Address".


This will now have amended the columns within the Bulk Importer so that you can input your addresses into one cell.




If on opening a Field Editing drawer you see that the visibility settings are "greyed out" as below, it is because this is a Statutory Field and therefore this can't be edited:




Adding in Fields or Sections


You can also add in any Sections or Fields (columns) that you have included on your Spreadsheet to our Template by following our guides on:


Adding a Section

Adding a Field

Editing a Field


We have also created a Guide giving an example of how to Create a Staff Training Section in full.



Adding Profile Types


If you have more Profile Types than we have by default on the system, you can add in your own Custom Profile Types. These will then show as Tabs on the Bulk Importer.


Once you have finished making changes within the Template Editor, click "Publish Changes" to make them live on your system.


You are now ready to start formatting your data to get it ready for Import!