Customising your new Custom Report

How to customise the Sections, Fields and columns within your newly created Custom Report

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Custom Report


Note: Please first see our guide on Creating a Custom Report


Once you have clicked "Create", your new Custom Report will open.


You will notice that to start with this Report will show everything including all Profile Types, all Sections and all Fields:





You will notice that on any Custom Reports the AutoSave function is set to "On" by default.



This means that any changes you make while editing this Report will be automatically saving as you go.



Customising the Sections and Fields


To choose which Sections and Fields you'd like to view on your Report you can use the Filter Bar on the right hand side to select/deselect your chosen Fields.


In the below example you can see that only the Staff Training Section has been selected, along with Profile Type, First and Last name:



You could also use the filter bar at the top of the Report to choose which Profile Types and Tags you would like to view:



By doing so there is now a Report solely for showing a list of Active and Onboarding Teaching Staff member's Training information:



Reordering Columns


You can reorder the columns by dragging and dropping the fields from within the Filter Bar:



Reordering Sections


To reorder whole Sections, click on the Section Header on the Report Spreadsheet and drag/drop it to its new location:



Editing Column Widths


You can edit any columns widths by hovering over the column border and dragging it out:



Any changes made to column widths will also be applied to the Exported Excel spreadsheet.



Pinning Columns


You can Pin columns by clicking on the icon at the right of the Column header and clicking "Pin Column". Then select which direction you'd like to pin it.



In the example below you can see that First Name and Last Name have been pinned to the left so that they remain visible while scrolling through the rest of the Report:




Please Note:


Any columns pinned will not remain pinned once the Report has been Exported to Excel.



Setting Conditions


Once you have selected your chosen Sections and Fields, you can also set Conditions for your report.


This is particularly useful if you are creating a report to keep track of Training Renewal Dates for example.


Below is an example of the Conditions you would need to set if you wanted a Report to show only Profiles of staff who have an upcoming Training Renewal Date next month:



Exporting the Report


Once you are happy with your Report click "Export" and once the system has finished building your Custom Report you will be able to click "Download" to view it in Excel.