Date and Time Formats

Date and Time Formats

Microsoft Windows 10


SCR Tracker uses your system configuration to decide how to show you dates so that you see dates in the way that is most comfortable for you.


If you're seeing dates in an unfamiliar format you need to change your system settings to make sure it's set up correctly.


You may need to speak to your IT Administrator if any of this is unavailable to you to change.

  1. Go to Start and Settings

  2. Click on Time & Language

  3. Change your Windows display language to the appropriate setting

  4. Click on Date & Time


In here, you can see under Formats some examples of how you desire dates and times to be shown.


To change this;

  1. Click on Change date and time formats

  2. Use the Short name drop-down menu to select the date format you want to see.

  3. Close the Settings app to complete the task.




In this example, you can see my language is set to the United States, and in the background, you can see dates in the advanced editor and it shows those dates in an unfamiliar way for me:



However, when that is set to the United Kingdom, the dates display as I prefer:



If this still does not give you the desired output. Please go to Date & Time in the control panel and look at the formats.



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