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Delete a Section or Field

How to Delete a Section or Field

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In the Template Editor, double click the Section or Field you want to Delete. Then select Delete and confirm.


If the option is disabled (greyed out), it is because the Section / Field is owned by a parent Template.


If you want to hide the field, you may be able to simply change the visibility of the field, or edit the Trust template.



If the item only exists in Draft then it will be permanently deleted. If the item is already Published then it will be marked as deleted.



Restoring Deleted Sections or Fields

(that have previously been published)


If you have accidentally deleted an item that was previously published, you can either Discard your current Draft or you can select Show Deleted Items from the View Menu:



This will allow you to locate and select your deleted item. Just double click to open the Editor and use the Restore button.