Document and File Management

How to upload Documents to Profiles and allocate them to a specific Section

Uploading Documents


To add a Document to a Profile, navigate to the Profile Page by either using the search feature or by selecting it from the Profile Tab.


Once you are on the Profile Page, click on the Documents Tab.



You can upload your document by clicking the blue 'Upload' button, or you can chose to 'Upload Confidential'. Please see further information regarding this below.



Once you have selected your upload choice, you will then be presented with our file picker.



Here you can choose which file from either your local device or one of the other sources indicated by the icon on the left.


You can also drag and drop one or more files onto this box.



If you have an iPad or are on a mobile, you are also able to take a photo directly from your device.


Once you have selected your file(s), there will be a blue Upload button.


Press this and the document will be securely sent to our servers and appear in the documents list.



Upload Confidential Documents


You now have the option to upload "Confidential Documents" when adding a document to a staff profile.



When selecting this option to upload a file, the file will only be visible to Users who have the 'Read Confidential Documents' permission below:



If you need to add this permission to any existing users, go to Settings > Organisation/Federation > Users.


Double click on the User's name to bring up their permissions, and toggle the 'Read Confidential Documents' field on. Click "Save Changes" for the permissions to be updated.


Please Note: Users with Administrator permissions will automatically have access to this.



Drag and Drop


You can also drag and drop files directly from your computer.


If you drop them onto the appropriate section they automatically get uploaded to that section.


If you drop them onto the Documents Tab they will be uploaded without an allocated section category.



Document Sections


When Documents are in a specific section there will be an icon that looks like a file with a counter next to it to denote how many Documents are within the section.


To view the documents simply click on the icon that appears in the section.



You can also delete the Document by clicking Delete.



Filtering Documents


If you need find a specific document quickly, you can use the filter bar at the top of the page to filter by Section Type, Document Type or Upload Date




Changing the Section


To change the section that a Document sits within, click on the "..." icon and click "Change Section".


Then select where you'd like the Document to be moved to from the drop down.