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Edit a Field (Check)

How to edit a field/check on the Template

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Editing a Field


To Edit a Field, ensure you have the relevant Section selected, and then simply Double Click the Field to show its editor.



Depending on the type of Field, you may get presented with a few extra options but these are the common ones.


  • Label. This is the text that will appear to the left or above the Field when editing or as the Column header in the Advanced Editor or Report outputs.

  • Default Value. Not always present. This will be the value that is saved to the Profile by default on its first edit.

  • Validation Rules. Not always present. On a date, this would give you access to Rules such as the Late Date Check. On a text box field, it will present options such as an Email validation check.



Visibility and Ratings


For each field, you may want to configure for which Profile Type it is shown for. You also may want to select which Rating System that it applies to.



Simply toggle the "eye" icon to decide if it is shown by default for that particular Profile Type. You can use the Lock to decide if that can be changed by a child-template or the Profile itself using Hide checks. Please see Template Locking for more information on how this works.


You can also use the Tick / Cross under the rating system to specify if the Field is included as part of the profile rating. If the Tick is shown, this means that the field must have a value, and pass any validation rules for it to count towards the score. This can also be locked.



Visibility Logic


For each field, you can optionally specify a logic condition to decide if it is visible or not.


Note: If the field is not visible due to the Visibility and Rating conditions, or has been turned off at a Profile level using Hide Checks, it will never be shown.



To add a condition, just press the Add Condition button to choose the values you require.


For further help on our Logic, please see our guide on Logic Editing



Once you have finished editing, press Save. Your changes will be saved in Draft mode, to make them live, press Publish Changes.