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Grouping Users/Schools and Setting Permissions

How to set specific group permissions within your Trust

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If you are a Trust-level Administrator, you will be able to group your system users into groups, your schools into groups, and denote specific permissions for each group of users.


For example, if you want to give a specific group of people Administrator access to a regional group of schools – or, if you want to give a specific group of people Read-only access to your central team SCR.





If you do not have permission, this will be identified by a padlock. Please contact your system administrator for the required access.



Add Users


First, you'll need to add users to your Schools/Trust.


This can either be done by Adding a New User to their specific School SCR, or if they are a Trust Level User you can add them to your Federation User List (Please see - Adding a Trust Level User)


To do this, navigate to Settings > Organisation or Federation > Users, and click 'Create new'.



User Groups


Now, you can add your users to a new group.


For example, if you want to add regional users into a group together.


User Groups allows you to group together staff members.


Navigate to: Settings > Federation > User Groups.


To begin click Create New.


Enter the name of your User Group. For example, "North Administrators".


Then select which members of staff you'd like to add to the group from the list.


To finish, click Create.



Organisation Groups


Now, you can create groups of schools within your Trust.


Organisation Groups allows you to do this.


For example you may wish to group them by region ie: North, South, East and West.


Navigate to: Settings > Federation > Organisation Groups.


To being click Create New.


Enter the name of your Organisation Group. For example, "North Schools".


Then select which of your organisations you'd like to add to the group using the list shown.


To finish click Create.



Group Permissions


Finally, you can denote which level of access these users have to a specific group of schools.


In this example, we would like to give our North Administrators, Administrator-level Permissions to our group of schools, "North Schools".


Group Permissions will allow you to assign user permissions to the User Group and Organisation Group you are editing.


Navigate to: Settings > Federation > Group Permissions.


To begin click Assign Permissions.



From here you can select which User Group will have which permissions to a specific Organisation Group.


For example, if you wanted your North Administrators within your North Schools to have full Administrator access, it would look like the above.


Or, in another example, if you wanted to create specific User Groups of school-level users, and give them read-only access to your Central Team SCR, it would look like the below: