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Hide Checks in Bulk

How to use the Advanced Editor to Hide Profile checks in bulk

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Hiding Checks in Bulk


If you want to disable some checks for Profiles in bulk then you will need to go to the Advanced Editor.


If you need to select multiple profiles, please see our help guide on Selecting Multiple Rows for further help.


When you have selected the relevant profiles you then need to right-click on one of the selected rows and choose Hide Checks.


You will be presented with the following dialog containing a combined list of available checks:



Meaning of the check-boxes


The check will be visible when available for all selected profiles.
The check will be hidden for all selected profiles.
The check cannot be hidden as it is locked in the Template. See Template Locking
The check has conflicting values, it's currently disabled for some profiles and on for others.





No underlying data is deleted, so if you make a mistake, you can simply unhide the checks again.