Identity check / Evidence of Identity

Identity check / Evidence of Identity


It is your statutory duty to carry out checks to confirm an individual’s identity.



When should I carry out this check?


Identity checks should be completed before, or as soon as practicable after, any individual takes up their position.



How do I carry out this check?


To carry out the statutory duty of an identity check, you must follow GOV.UK’s guidance to:


  • Follow the three-route ID checking process as outlined here

  • Check and validate the information provided by the applicant on the application form/continuation sheet

  • Establish the true identity of the applicant through the examination of a range of documents as set out in the above guidance

  • Make sure the applicant provides details of all names by which they have been known

  • Make sure the applicant provides details of all addresses where they have lived in the last five years

  • Check that the application form is fully completed and the information it contains is accurate. Failing to do this can result in delays


The above check should prove and confirm the person's identity, which should match all other documentation.


It is advised in the KCSiE that a copy of the documents used to verify the successful candidate’s identity, right to work and required qualifications should be kept for the personnel file.


Your checklist:


  1. Perform the above identity check

  2. Record the date of the check on your SCR


    If your school deems it good practice according to your processes, our Sign In Central Record profile also provides default fields for you to input what evidence was seen, and who did the check. Furthermore, you can attach any relevant documents to a staff member's Profile Page.