Importing your data using the Bulk Importer

How to use the Bulk Importer to Import your data into SCR Tracker

The Data Import


The import is a simple copy and pasting exercise from your spreadsheet into SCR Tracker.


To get started you need to open SCR Tracker’s Bulk Importer.


Go to Settings > Organisation and select Bulk import.



In red below you can see Teaching Staff.


This is the name of the profile type and corresponding sheet. On SCR Tracker’s Bulk Importer you have:

  • Teaching staff

  • Support staff

  • Governors

  • Volunteers

  • Agency staff

  • Contractors

  • (If you have added any Custom Profile Types they will also appear here)

The sheets in your Excel spreadsheet should match the Profiles above.


(If you are part of a Trust and prefer "Trustees" to "Governors" you can Customise the Profile Types)


In each Profile Type/sheet there will be different checks. In the image below Medical checks and Identity Checks have been highlighted.



Below each field you can see the fields that are related to it. The ones with an asterisk * are required for inspection.


Let’s look at an example.


For Identity Checks we have the following columns:

  • Check complete*

  • Details of documents seen

  • Date checked*

  • Checked by

Now we need to copy and paste from your excel spreadsheet.


Once you have your Excel Teaching staff sheet and SCR Tracker Teaching staff sheet open, we can begin.



1. Let’s start to import the data by copying column-by-column into SCR Tracker.


Begin by selecting the First Name column in your Excel spreadsheet, in order to map it directly onto the First Name column in Profile Details on SCR Tracker.




2. Now we are ready to copy and paste.


Highlight the whole column in Excel and press CTRL + C on your keyboard (or right mouse click and ‘copy’). You will then click once into the top cell of SCR Tracker’s First Name column and press CTRL + V on your keyboard (or right mouse click and 'paste')




3. Now you can repeat this for each profile type/column until your whole Excel spreadsheet is now in SCR Tracker.




4. Once you’re sure that all your data is correctly mapped to each profile type and column, click Import.




5. Now you will have successfully created a profile for everyone on your import list – and you’re ready to start checking that they are ‘Inspector ready’ on your Dashboard.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to import one profile type at a time, rather than the whole sheet in one go, you need to ensure to click ‘CLEAR ALL’ between imports. Otherwise, you will override the previous data imported.


An example of this is if you were to map the Teaching staff columns, hit import, and then want to do the same for Support staff separately – you would need to CLEAR ALL in-between imports.

A simpler way would be to paste in all the information you need for every profile (step 3), and at the end, once you’re done, hit Import.



If you have any questions or would like additional support, please contact our Customer Support team.


You can reach us by clicking on the help icon in the top right hand corner of your dashboard, or you can email us at