Ordering an External Check

How to order an External Check

To order a background check, please go to the profile page for the staff member you require a check for and press the Order Check button:



You will then be presented with a list of available checks for your school, with the prices.


Please Note:


If the button is not there, please contact us to get your account set up.

If the button is locked, please contact your system administrator to get the right permissions.




You can select more than one check and the total price will be updated. Press next to enter candidate information which will be pre-filled based on the profile.



If required, you can make changes to the candidate information before proceeding to the Review Order page, where you can check the total price.



If you are satisfied with the order, please enter an optional purchase order number for your own records and then once the Terms and Conditions have been read, please confirm you agree to them by checking the box.


On Purchase, the information you have submitted will be sent to Verifile for verification. If there are any problems it will show an error and you will be able to go back and correct the data.


On Success, the form will close and the check will appear under External Checks for the profile, and on the Dashboard widget if you have added it.


The candidate will then be sent an email asking them to fill in all their information and you will be notified as they progress through the stages.


Once complete, a report will be uploaded to the Document section. This is a confidential file and can only be read by people with permission to view them.