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Reference Check

Reference Check

It is not your statutory duty to include reference checks on your single central record, but the guidance states that you should be asking for written information about previous employment history to check that information supplied is not contradictory or incomplete.


References should always be obtained from the candidate’s current employer. Where an individual is unemployed, you must verify their most recent period of employment (and reasons for leaving should be obtained).


Any surfaced information concerning previous disciplinary action or allegations against the individual should be considered carefully when assessing the applicant’s suitability for the role.


Should you choose to store this information according to your best practice policies, SCR Tracker has a separate section for two reference checks.


As with all of SCR Tracker’s in-built checks, you are able to turn this off in the Template Editor, if you deem it best not to record on your single central record.


Please see - Customising the Template 'Hiding Sections that you don't want to show on your SCR'