The Profile Page

How to navigate around a Staff Profile Page

The Profile Page


This is the Profile page. Here you can see all the information you have stored for a particular Profile, as well as Edit, Delete, Transfer and Copy the selected profile including exporting a document





At the top right of each section, there is a button that looks like a pencil. Press this to open up the drawer that will allow you to see the Profile data:



From here you can edit the data using the available controls. Once done, the data is only stored when you press the Save button at the bottom left of the drawer.


If you do not want to make any changes, simply click off the form if nothing has been touched or press the Cancel button to undo any changes.



If you do not have permission, you will be presented with a ReadOnly form and a Padlock will appear around the Save button. Please contact your Organisation Administrator to get the correct permissions.



Printing a Profile


Pressing Print, at the top left of the profile page, will create a PDF document that will open up for either printing or downloading.