Types of Reports

A description of the Reports that are available by Default

Default Reports


There are 8 default Reports available on Sign In Central Record (9 if you are a Trust with a Central Team)


Single Central Record/ Single Central Record (with Central Team) Reports

This includes only Active Profiles and Inspector Ready Fields by default and is designed to be used as your Single Central Record for Inspection purposes.

A separate Report will show below this for Trusts to also include the Central Team.

New Starters Report

A Report showing Staff who are due to start from tomorrow onwards.

Leavers Report

A Report showing Staff who have left before today.

Late Dates Report

A Report showing all Profiles that have a Late Date Warning (a date within a field that is later than the person's Start Date)

DBS Renewal Due Report

A Report showing all Profiles with upcoming, due and overdue DBS Renewal dates.

Incomplete Profiles Report

A list of all Profiles that have missing data.

Upcoming Expiration Dates Report

A list of checks coming up for expiry against a Profile.

Expired Dates Report

A report showing all Profiles that have at least one check with an expired date.

Sign Offs Report

A report showing a list of sign-offs, their notes, and any attached documents.